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Discover Why Bridestowe Lavender Estate is a Must-Visit!

21 May 2024
Discover Why Bridestowe Lavender Estate is a Must-Visit!

Welcome to the Lavender Wonderland of Bridestowe Lavender Estate in northern Tasmania! Imagine a place where fields of lavender stretch as far as the eye can see, a picturesque oasis that beckons you with its vibrant hues and fragrant allure. Just a 45-minute scenic drive from Launceston, this historic estate, set to celebrate its centenary in 2022, has become a global sensation, capturing the hearts of lavender enthusiasts and social media aficionados worldwide. Read our blog to discover why Bridestowe Lavender Estate is a must-visit destination.

Aerial of Bridestowe Lavender Estate. Discover why Bridestowe Lavender Estate is a must-visit.
Bridestowe Lavender Estate, at Nabowla, Tasmania is considered one of the State’s most spectacular vistas during flowering in December and January.

A Fragrant Legacy

Bridestowe Lavender Estate, named after a charming town in Devon, England, carries a legacy deeply intertwined with the fragrance industry. Established by an English family with connections to esteemed lavender brands like Yardley and Mitcham, this estate bloomed when London perfumer C.K. Denny introduced lavender seeds from the sun-kissed fields of Provence to Tasmania’s similar soil and climate. Visitors can wander through endless rows of blooming lavender, explore the estate’s rich history, and indulge in a variety of lavender-infused products. Whether you’re a fragrance connoisseur, a nature lover, or simply in search of a tranquil retreat, Bridestowe Lavender Estate is a must-visit destination.

Discover why Bridestowe Lavender Estate is a must-visit

Lavender Delights

As you explore this lavender haven, you’ll encounter over 650,000 lavender plants spanning 100 hectares. Over the years, Bridestowe has grown into one of the largest lavender farms in the Southern Hemisphere, producing premium lavender oil renowned for its purity and quality. From handcrafted soaps to delicious lavender-flavored ice cream, Bridestowe offers a sensory experience that captivates the imagination and soothes the soul. These fragrant blooms are meticulously cultivated to produce high-quality lavender oil, which finds its way into an array of exquisite home and body products. Indulge your senses with lavender-infused delicacies, from delectable ice creams and scones to culinary lavender, salt, pepper, and syrup. Each bite promises a burst of lavender-infused goodness.

Discover why Bridestowe Lavender Estate is a must-visit

Sensory Explorations

Journey into the heart of the estate’s distillery, where you can witness the mesmerizing lavender distillation process brought to life through captivating audio-visual displays. Explore the artistry behind soap and candle making during the off-season, gaining insight into the craftmanship that defines Bridestowe Lavender Estate.

Meet Bobbie the Bear

Don’t leave without meeting Bobbie the Bear, an adorable lavender-stuffed heat pack that has stolen hearts globally. This cuddly companion, infused with the soothing scent of lavender, provides warmth and comfort. Bobbie has become a cherished souvenir, adored by travellers worldwide and shipped to destinations as far-flung as Russia and Asia.

Discover why Bridestowe Lavender Estate is a must-visit

Tasmania: Nature’s Canvas

Beyond the enchanting lavender fields of Bridestowe, Tasmania unfolds as a four-season wonderland, each season offering its own unique charm. In the winter, experience the island’s moody, mist-laden mornings and cozy firesides, perfect for savoring a warm drink and the tranquility of the cooler months. Spring brings a burst of life and color, with wildflowers blanketing the countryside and gardens bursting into vibrant bloom. Autumn paints the landscape in rich hues of gold and crimson, creating a picturesque backdrop for leisurely drives and outdoor adventures. Summer showcases Tasmania’s spectacular vistas, with long, sunny days ideal for exploring its pristine beaches, lush forests, and rolling hills.

The island’s compact size allows you to traverse its diverse landscapes effortlessly. In a single day, you can transition from the serene coastline to the rugged mountains, immersing yourself in nature’s beauty. Along the way, discover horticultural marvels in well-tended gardens, sample delectable cuisine crafted from the freshest local ingredients, and enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals who are always ready to share a story or a smile.

Whether you’re drawn to the natural wonders, the culinary delights, or the rich cultural heritage, Tasmania promises an unforgettable journey through a land where every season offers a new and captivating experience.

People walking through rows of Lavender at the Bridestowe Lavender Farm

Plan Your Visit

For the ultimate lavender experience, plan your visit between December 1st and February 28th, when the lavender fields are in full bloom, painting the landscape with hues of purple. This is your chance to witness Tasmania’s natural wonders at their peak. During this vibrant season, Bridestowe Lavender Estate offers a range of activities and experiences to enhance your visit. Take a guided tour of the fields, where knowledgeable guides share fascinating insights into the history and cultivation of lavender. Capture stunning photos of the endless rows of blossoms, perfect for creating lasting memories and sharing on social media.

Additionally, the estate hosts special events and workshops during the blooming season, such as lavender wreath-making classes and gourmet picnic experiences among the flowers. Don’t forget to visit the gift shop, where you can purchase high-quality lavender products, from essential oils and soaps to culinary delights like lavender honey and tea.

To make the most of your trip, check the estate’s website for any special events or updates on bloom conditions. Whether you’re a seasoned lavender enthusiast or a first-time visitor, planning your visit during the peak season ensures a memorable and enchanting experience at Bridestowe Lavender Estate.

Bridestowe Lavender Estate invites you to explore, indulge, and take home the essence of this lavender paradise. Come, embark on a sensory adventure, and let the enchantment of Bridestowe Lavender Estate leave an indelible mark on your senses and soul. If you prefer to discover Bridestowe Lavender Estate as part of a guided experience, our 12-day Tasmania Complete tour offers the perfect opportunity to visit this stunning location along with many other highlights of Tasmania. Let us take care of the details while you immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of this remarkable destination.