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Why You and I Will Be in Hobart this Summer

18 February 2022
Hobart city summer time

Bring some much-needed leisure, culture, and history into your summer, pack your things and head south to Tasmania’s capital city, Hobart. This city is a cultural melting pot with opportunities for relaxation, adventure, and learning that is provided in this cultural hub. Of course, Tasmania is amazing all year round. If you are wondering why I am saying a summer holiday, it is because summer is the main holiday season in Tassie with all activities open and lots to do and see. Read more about the season in a previous blog.

When looking for somewhere to visit this summer, it is hard to beat the cultural melting pot that is in Australia’s backyard, Tasmania. And unlike most of Australia, which swelters during summer, Tasmania boasts a comfortable average temperature of 17-23° c, making it the best time of year to visit. Whether exploring Australia’s Indigenous culture, the European influence of Tasmania’s colonial past, or experiencing the art and local produce on offer, Tassie is a one-stop-shop for historians, naturalists, foodies, families, and hipsters alike.

Tasmania Mountain during summer

Tasmania, or lutruwita, as it was named by Tasmania’s Indigenous Australians, the Palawa people, is an island flourishing in a culture that dates back over 35,000 years. Indigenous culture in Tasmania is a significant aspect of the story of Australia and there are sites of cultural and spiritual importance that can be respectfully visited. The Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) is a diverse Indigenous Australian cultural landscape that is significant to Indigenous Tasmanian Australians due to the rich cultural heritage that is still present. If you are interested in understanding more about Australia’s traditional custodians, and their culture, you can visit sites such as the rock shelters of Warreen Cave and Parmerpar Meethaner, which are the oldest known Aboriginal heritage sites in Tasmania. The rock markings of the Riveaux and South Coast Caves and hut depressions are located on the west coast of the TWWHA.

It is hard to describe the beauty that Hobart has on offer when it comes to culture, whether this is in the form of Hobart’s Art Deco architecture, historical sites, art galleries or the experiences on offer, such as top eateries and gourmet food, live music or having a leisurely stroll through Salamanca Markets on the weekend. However, to take from our cricketer’s, I believe this can be summarised in the exclamation “You beauty!”.

If you, like myself, are unlike the Scottish duo, The Proclaimers, and do not wish to walk 500 miles, then Salamanca Markets is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll on a Saturday or Sunday. Salamanca Markets operates between 8:30 am till 3 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, excluding public holidays, and is run by the Hobart City Council. With a bubbling atmosphere, Salamanca Markets offers a variety for everyone’s cup of tea, with offerings including events, arts & crafts, clothing, jewellery, gifts & toys, beauty, lifestyle, and my personal favourite, food & beverages.

Salamanca Market in Tasmania during summer

Or like our British friends, the Rolling Stones, you have time on your side, I would highly recommend diving into the hospitality that Hobart has to offer, whether that be fine dining and gourmet experiences or a leisurely meal with friends and family at one of the many fantastic pubs, restaurants, and cafes, there is an atmosphere that demands the attention of all who pass by. 

For those who enjoyed Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and enjoy the romanticism of the glitz and glamour of the roaring ’20s, then Hadley’s Orient Hotel in Hobart is a sight to be seen. Whether staying as a guest, or an evening enjoying fine foods, beverages (they do a fantastic Old Fashion!), and the harmonies of Hadley’s residential pianist, Hadley’s offers a personal and luxurious experience. Hadley’s is also conveniently located close to the Hobart CBD, Salamanca district, and Constitutional Dock, but if you truly enjoy connecting with nature and yourself, then you can’t miss visiting the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden, which is Australia’s cool climate garden, provides to its visitors a total of 14 hectares to explore. Relax and discover all the diversity Tassie has to offer.

For those of you, like myself, who like to take it easy like a Sunday morning, there is Constitutional Dock for a light stroll to view Hobart’s harbour district. This area not only provides sights of Hobart’s Art Deco architecture and a pleasant sea breeze, but you may also wish to take a ferry up to the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), which provides a cultural experience that delights the senses for those interested in antarctic expeditions, murals and landscape paintings. 

If you do fancy a little break from Hobart and if it ever gets too warm for you, Mt Wellington (Indigenous name: Kunanyi) is an excellent place to cool yourself in the summer. Its elevation of 1271 metres above sea level offers spectacular views of the city and surrounding scenery. You will find that Mount Wellington can be enjoyed via several alternative ways such as hiking, cycling, 4WDing, as well as horse riding. 

Top of Mt Wellington, Hobart

Another interesting destination to visit outside the city is to do a Bruny Island tour, it offers a remarkable combination of marine life and stunning geological features that stand immediately out of the ocean to provide a spectacular contrast of colours. It is accessible via a wharf 35 minutes south of Hobart and then via a 15-minute cruise from the coast. 

And remember, Tassie may be close to Antarctica, but that doesn’t mean Hobart isn’t blessed with plenty of sunshine and warmth. Do come prepared though, weather conditions can vary and like your mother always says, “Bring a coat”.