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The Best Time of the Year to Visit Tasmania

August 25, 2021
Port Arthur, Tasmania

The easy answer is any time is a great time in Tasmania. Tasmania is one of the cooler destinations in Australia, which means the temperatures don’t tend to rise above 21ºC even in the heights of summer.

The Main Tourism Seasons

The main tourism season in Tasmania is September to May, when most people travel to Tassie for a holiday, hiking or enjoy the great local produce. Between September and May each year is when most tours will operate, but there are always some that run all year round for those that prefer the cooler months.

Wine Glass Bay Tasmania

The Summer Months

The Summer months, between December to February, are the most popular for visiting Tasmania. This is when most of Tasmania’s festivals and events take place, such as food and wine festivals, arts festival, music festivals and sporting events. These months are perfect for those who enjoy the bustling scene of the various entertainments on offer in Tasmania.

Winter in Tasmania

The cooler, winter months in Tasmania spans from May to September as the weather gets colder why not put on those warmer clothes and enjoy the great outdoors and explore the great wilderness of Tassie. If you are someone who enjoys an adventure, hiking through the many breath taking national parks then you would love winter in Tasmania. There is nothing like sitting in front of a fire and enjoying the great food and wine on offer in Tasmania, especially if it is snowing outside.

Winter is a great time to doing walking trip in Tasmania, for example around Cradle Mountain there are shelters available. Another great way to enjoy winter is with a dedicated food tour – how good is eating beautiful food on a cold winters day.

Cradle Mountain Tasmania with snow on the mountain

Quieter Times to Visit Tasmania

If you are someone who prefers the quieter and more private holidays then the best time to visit is March, April or October and November or the winter months. During these times you can avoid the busy crowds, enjoy the perks of cheaper accommodation and still be able to experience the best of Tasmania.

Regardless of the time of year you visit Tasmania, it is highly recommended that you bring some warmer clothing, such as long pants, jumpers and a jacket. The southern winds can be cold, but that fresh air is part of the Tassie appeal.

Huon Valley Tasmania, river and boats