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Things to do on Bruny Island

16 August 2021
Bruny Island The Neck Tasmania Tours

The Bruny Island is one of Tasmania’s southernmost islands. An ideal day trip from Hobart or stay for a few days to explore. You can catch the ferry from Kettering, which is a 30-minute drive from Hobart.

After a 20-minute ferry ride from mainland Tasmania, you will be ready to explore the island’s eucalyptus forests, long rugged stretches coastlines and stunning beaches. You will arrive at Roberts Point, which is Bruny Island Ferry Terminal – the Island’s main link to Tasmania.

Bruny Island is made up of two islands connected by a thin isthmus of sand, a breath taking nature’s wonders that is a must see when visiting Tasmania. Here are some highlights Bruny Island has to offer:

Cape Bruny Lighthouse

Built between 1836-1838. Come and see the cast-iron spiral stair case to the balcony. There are stunning views over the rugged Tasmania coastline. Cape Bruny Lighthouse is 114m above the cliff top.

Bruny Island lighthouse

Great Bay

If you’re a foodie then Great Bay is a must. Located north of Bruny is the famous Bruny Island Cheese Company, enjoy fresh oysters from, Great chucked oyster farm or visit beautiful vineyards and whisky distilleries.

The Neck 

The Neck is an isthmus of land connecting north and south Bruny Island. It is an important habitat for Bruny’s native wildlife, and here you’ll find the Neck Game Reserve. Boardwalks and viewing platforms enable you to observe short-tailed shearwaters and little penguins (also known as fairy penguins). Timber stairs lead from the dunes to the Neck lookout, offering stunning 360-degree views. 

Bruny Island stairs at the Neck

Cloudy Bay

A beautiful location is popular with experienced surfers and is part of South Bruny Island Park. This remote wilderness 5km long beach which is worth the visit.

Adventure Bay

Enjoy a visit to Adventure Bay to experience a relaxing and peaceful place with pristine and stunning water. This is what Tasmania is all about.

Bruny Island Beaches

Enjoy the Local Produce

There is an abundance of local produce such as seafood, including oysters, honey, or berries. You will also find artisan cheese, chocolate, and fudge. You can also enjoy a drink at Bruny Island Premium Wines or Hotel Bruny. Let the local experts take you on a tour to the best locations, just enjoy the produce!

Bruny Island Coastline

The Bruny Island coastline is a provide spectacular scenery with sea cliffs, sea caves, crags and blow holes. You will also be able to see dolphins, seals, sea birds and if you are lucky, you may see whales. Or enjoy a more relaxed long lunch cruise to view the coast line.

Cape Queen Elizabeth Walk

This is just one of the many walks available on Bruny Island, Cape Queen Elizabeth walk is a 3-hour return walk. Covering 12km return walk through bush, sand dunes, remote beaches, and rocky cervices.

Bruny Island coastline and adventure cruise