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Tasmania Hidden Gem You Must See

28 January 2021

Looking for an escape or an adventure but simply don’t know where to look or you’ve seen it all before. Why look much further than the smallest state in Australia providing much more than its size has to offer? This breathtaking island has an immense variety of attractions from rugged mountains, sparkling lakes, and a rich history all preserved in little Tasmania. But we’ve all heard about the best attractions before. So why not instead lose the crowd and discover a Tasmania hidden gem waiting for you to uncover? 

Table Cape Tulip Farm

One of the most breathtaking colour displays in Tasmania is the world-renowned Table Cape Tulip Farm run by the Roberts-Thomson family. 

This Tasmania hidden gem is only around every year during September and October when the tulip season is blooming. So it isn’t hard to get drawn to Cradle Coast to check out this farm atop a 12 million-year-old volcano. 

Featuring hectares of strips of colour, it’s the largest tulip field in the Southern Hemisphere that you can walk through. 

It’s a spring like no other, with countless colours filling the field and stretching to the horizon. 

Don’t forget the Wynard Tulip Festival which has been running for over 25 years. Scheduled this year for Saturday 9 October 2021 this celebration of spring is sure to be a wonderland experience. 

The town enjoys local art, craft, music, culinary delights, and a spectacular fireworks show to finish off the evening. Although the farm is a central part of the festivities, it surprisingly does not become overcrowded as everyone celebrates in town. 

So although it might seem odd, this makes it the perfect time to visit this Tasmania hidden gem. 

If you happen to be in town early and don’t know whether the tulips are blooming be sure to keep an eye out for regular updates posted on the Table Cape Facebook page

Why not create your own tulip farm and purchase some bulbs of your favourites at the gift shop while you’re there?

Helen Vercoe Flickr

Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot

This crazy little complex is located in the heart of Tasmania’s beautiful Cradle Mountain and Lakes District in Promised Land. 

Tasmazia is a unique Tasmania hidden gem featuring 8 different mazes for you to work your way through. 

Although you’re not looking to get lost while on holiday, it is lots of fun at Tasmazia. 

This is not just an attraction for the kids but a day out for the whole family to enjoy. Offering fun and laughter it is one of the world’s largest maze complexes to explore. 

This magical world of Tasmazia tells unique Tasmanian stories with each building on display. It also represents 40 countries in the Embassy Gardens.  

Once you’ve made your way through the maze you’ve got to try Tasmazia’s famous pancakes to complete your trip. 

Be sure to check out Tasmazia where visitors of all ages will find a truly memorable experience.

Visit this Tasmania hidden gem called Tasmazia featuring 8 different mazes and buildings
John Dale (Flickr)

Maria Island Painted Cliffs

Look at these beautifully painted cliffs upon Maria Island National Park at the end of Hopground Beach. 

Groundwater rich in iron has filtered through these sandstone cliffs to stain streaks of orange, red, and purple giving the cliffs a fascinating painted appearance. Although this rock formation isn’t uncommon, it’s rare to be so extensively and beautifully exposed in a natural situation.

Catch a morning ferry from the east coast town of Triabunna just north of Orford. Then once docked at Darlington on Maria Island, the track to the painted cliffs is a nice 4km return walk. 

The cliffs are only accessible at low tide and when it’s calm. So careful planning is needed, as the cliffs are only exposed for two hours before and after low tide.

Be sure to plan for the afternoon to see the cliffs at their best. As the afternoon sunbeams off the pale sandstone it warms it to a rich buttery golden colour. 

Do be careful and always keep an eye out because any surge or swell of waves could be potentially dangerous. For another hot tip remember to pack food and water with you as there are few amenities on the island. 

Its unique and fascinating geology makes Maria Island a top Tasmania hidden gem that must be explored by any nature or rock lover. 

The Maria Island painted cliffs are a stunning display of rich sandstone colours making it a perfect Tasmania hidden gem that needs to be explored
Brian (Flickr)

Tahune Forest Airwalk

Enjoy spectacular views extending all the way out to the mountains of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, as you walk 50 meters above the riverbank. 

To get to Tahune Adventures you’ll need to make your way to the southerly town of Geeveston and take the sealed Arve Road. 

The Tahune Forest Airwalk is built amongst the treetops in the Huon River Valley. This walk takes you along picturesque and thrilling trails including the Swinging Bridges and Huon Pine walks. 

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful walk or a challenging hike there are multiple Tahune trails to fit you. 

The 600-meter walkway finishes at a spectacular cantilevered platform looking out to stunning views of the forests and river below. 

It is about a 50-minute return walk but why not stretch it out to ensure plenty of time for photo opportunities. Be sure to have your camera ready to capture views like no other. 

If you’re more of an adrenaline junkie try out the cable hang glider. This glider will whisk you 250 meters across the Huon River Valley. It is an exhilarating way to experience the towering trees surrounding you. 

But if you’re less into the thrill rides, then enjoy local Tasmanian food, cider, and wine in the licensed café. 

The best part is you can bring your four-legged friends along making it a fun-filled day for the whole family.

The Tahune Forest Airwalk is a must do Tasmania activity to see spectacular views from right above the Huon River Valley

Old Hobart Town Model Village

Situated only minutes from Hobart in the historic town of Richmond lies this Tasmania hidden gem. It is Australia’s only and Tasmania’s original historical model village. 

Old Hobart Town Model Village accurately replicates in miniature the life and history of Hobart in 1820.

Individually handcrafted by Andrew and John Quick it took them over 3 years to reconstruct the original plans of Tasmania.

This little model town encapsulates Sullivan’s Cove, Hunter Island, the Hobart Rivulet and main city centre to give a glimpse into the tough life of Australia’s convict past. 

The experience is greatly enhanced, as visitors get to stroll through the streets of old Hobart through the village and down existing roads.

So not only can you marvel at the intricate detail but you get to visualise the changes that have taken place over time. 

This whimsical village is sure to give you a deeper and more meaningful understanding of Hobart and Australia’s history.

This hidden gem is sure to capture your interest and is a great stop off on your way to Port Arthur or while on one of our Tasmania East Coast Tours.

So what do you think? Do you agree with our Tasmania hidden gems? Be sure to stop off at them while on one of our many Tasmania Tours.