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Forget Overseas Travel! You Can See It All Here In Tasmania

13 January 2021
Southern Lights Image

Sick of not being able to travel overseas and graving the unique cultures and attractions? Well, don’t worry we won’t let COVID-19 deprive you of your overseas adventures any longer. Instead of travelling overseas, all you need to do is travel over the sea to Tasmania. Offering countless attractions you will feel like you whipped out your passport to get there. Don’t believe us check out our top picks below because Tasmania is the place to travel in 2021.

Aurora Australis 

Many make the long journey over to Norway and Canada in the hopes of witnessing the Northern Lights. However, there is no need to book that expensive world-round flight overseas when its southern equal is equally as beautiful. 

The Aurora Australis can be seen anywhere in Tasmania but to catch them at their best you need to go south away from light pollution and artificial light.

Try your luck during winter and find beautiful panoramic views at the top of Mount Nelson. Better yet for ideal bay reflections also check out the South Arm Peninsula or head to the southernmost point of Tasmania at Cockle Creek.

But if you’re unsure remember to stay updated with the Aurora Australis Tasmania Alert NOW Facebook group. You can also visit Aurora Australis Tasmania for photography tips and to keep track of the best lookouts.

So be sure to have your camera ready to capture these charged sun particles that create nature’s finest light show. 

As you watch these lights dance across the night sky remember you don’t need to travel overseas when you can witness this beauty right here in Tasmania. 


Tessellated Pavements

Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway is a spectacular area of global geological importance. However, its 60 million-year-old rock formation has nothing on Tasmania’s 300 million-year-old Tessellated Pavements. 

This natural phenomenon is located near Eaglehawk, at the northern end of Pirates Bay beach. It is no man-made design but a formation of saltwater pools caused by a type of erosion created by the earth itself.

The rocks are renowned for their tiled-like appearance, which produce spectacular colourful reflections at sunrise and sunset. 

If you’re a photographer looking for that perfect shot then this geological wonder is a sight to behold. 

Keep a lookout for Tasmanian crabs and other wildlife lurking in the crevices. It’s sure to be a treat for any nature enthusiast. 

Tessellated pavements are found in only a few places on Earth so are extremely rare. So be sure to check them out on your way to the famous Tasman Peninsula or while on one of our East Coast Tasmania Tours.  


Craving that quiet getaway to the simple towns of Switzerland, surrounded by quaint cottages and majestic lakes. Well, that same serenity can be achieved just a 15-minute drive north of Launceston in the charming Swiss-themed Tamar Valley Resort at Grindelwald. 

This resort offers world-class facilities in arguably Tasmania’s most exclusive and exotic suburb. 

This delightful little town was established in the 1980s because of Dutch immigrant Roelf Vos.

These sweet homes are built with window shutters, balconies, flower boxes, and wide eaves so they have the authentic features of true Swiss chalets to create this dreamlike ambiance.

There are multiple activities available for the whole family to enjoy. Try out the world’s longest bouncing pillow, the ten-hole public golf course, or go canyoning on the lake. 

If you’re more of a foodie, be sure to dine in for a genuine Swiss meal at one of the multiple restaurants with lakeside views or snack on an Apfeltaschen (Swiss apple strudel) from the bakery. 

Surrounded by glassy lakes and Tamar Valley views, you will feel like you are travelling right through Switzerland but without the frostbite. 

West Coast Wilderness Rail

Ever wanted to take a ride on the Hogwarts Express and feel the magic of Scotland? Well, the West Coast Wilderness Railway located in Queenstown is as close as you will get to the real deal. 

Ride the award-winning steam railway along a historic 35km track between Queenstown and Strahan. Be sure to soak up the breathtaking scenery through the ancient rainforests (only accessible by railway) all from the comfort of a cozy carriage.

It is not only a journey through the wilderness but a journey back in time. This heritage steam locomotive brings with it all the fascinating stories you wish to hear.

As the train makes it stops along the way, get ready for multiple activities. For instance, you can enjoy rainforest walks, wild honey tastings, and view the train being turned on a manual turntable.

This enchanting ride can be accompanied with the indulgent Wilderness Carriage package offering fully inclusive catering and a glass of sparkling to sip on as you take in these picturesque views.

Why not book your train ticket whilst you’re on one of our many West Coast Tasmania Tours?

Mike Young/Wikimedia [Creative Commons]

What do you think? Do our selections quench your overseas travel craving? If so, what are you waiting for? Book your 2021 or 2022 Tasmania Tour today and leave behind the restraints of COVID-19 preventing your adventures from beginning.